Apple i Phone 3GS

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Apple immediately announced all surprises in the first day of Apple's World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco, Monday (8 / 6). The most-awaited wait is finally showing the new model iPhone.

Model called the latest iPhone iPhone 3GS. Increase the presence in the iPhone before the iPhone classic, and iPhone 3G. 3GS iPhone using iPhone 3.0 operating system which was also announced at this event. One of the additional features in this new operating system is the ability to cut, copy, and paste that can not be done on the previous version of the operating system.

Other new features voice control that can be used to make calls or find out the title track that is being played. When the user says the contact name or phone number, voice control will be verified to perform automated dial. To find out the title track, say, and iPhone akan said.

Compared to previous versions of iPhone, iPhone 3GS has new hardware. For example, faster processors and a choice of memory capacity to double. Resistance batteries also last longer. 3GS iPhone also has a 3 megapixel camera that can be used to make video recordings and edit them directly on the device.

Apple claims that even the ability to open applications and open a web page on the iPhone 3GS achieve doubling of the iPhone 3G. In addition, the ability grafisnya supports 3D mode, so make game playing experience more satisfying.

In addition, also have interactive features such as the Nike + iPod that provides tools to support physical training. Also, a digital compass that can provide direct information direction.

3GS iPhone is available in two models with a choice of memory and 16 GB and 32 GB black or white. 16 GB version for sale start at 199 U.S. dollar contract with AT & T customer for two years. While the 32 GB version is sold starting price 299 U.S. dollars with a similar contract. iPhone 3GS available starting June 19 in the U.S. market. Outside the U.S., wait

Cheap Internet Rates WiMAX Consortium

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WiMAX consortium Indonesia promised to offer unlimited internet tariff of at least Rp 100-150 thousand won per month if the tender Broadband Wireless Access (BWA)

According to John Sihar Simanjuntak, a member of a consortium, low rates for internet access that can be fast if they offer is the availability of bulk infrastructure BWA.

"For example with 16.e. If 16.d still, we are quite difficult. Rate may still be around Rp 300 thousand to 500 thousand. However, it is cheaper than a month of unlimited Telkom Rp 750 thousand," he said in Cyber Building, Jakarta, Tuesday (19/5/2009).

Consortium spokesman, Heru Nugroho, explains that is why a consortium consisting of 30 internet service provider (ISP) is very concerned to get a 15MHz block of BWA license 15 in each zone of Indonesia.

"This is living off the ISP providers. Posisi we squeezed by the operator also has a children's ISP business. How would we not have a BWA should be able to sell products with economies of scale," said Heru.

Consortium agreed the future of telecommunications in the service data. Average revenue (ARPU) from data services each customer each month could reach Rp 500 ribu

Cleft of the PDF document

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Later this was found in the new rift security of PDF documents. This rift is actually ditambal in January 2007, but opened again in the summer of this year when the news diterapkannya new method to combat spam. Spam filter to detect the spam email that has a PDF form. The vendor of spam filtering software and concluded that the form of PDF files on a potential rift security.

Currently Petko D. Petkov, chairman Gnucitizen, a Web site about the safety and security consultant in the UK have found slit security of PDF documents based JavaScript. JavaScript code will force the email client to open a PDF file that is infected with the virus.

Petkov sample code does not publish this weakness because according to him is very dangerous and in fact PDF is rife everywhere, and "time required by Adobe to improve the products they made," tulisnya on Gnucitizen.

Paul Henry, vice president of Secure Computing, said even though there is no sample code, it is the evil force to take advantage of the other weaknesses in the PDF format. "Weakness in the News as a PDF published this trigger is the only evil to be in search of more cleft security that, "he said.

According to Henry, the security is slit "trigger just waiting to live" as a PDF file you can embed JavaScript in the file, so that anti-virus scanner can not detect. "In this Web 2.0 world, it is very important to scan everything that comes from the 'cable' network, including the script-the script with the intention that suspicious-intention," he said.

Adobe said that the government is already understand this problem. "Adobe and Petkov have each other to communicate," said the company is to "Adobe is currently researching security is slit. Once this process is complete, Adobe plans menginformasikannya in Adobe Security Bulletin and Advisories page on the site."

Until now both Adobe and Secure Computing recommends: Never open a PDF file from the same source, it was not known and is not required and if received it from a source that is known is always first to confirm the source before opening it.